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Archaeological site
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The Yucuita Valley


The archaeological zone of Yucuita has been explored on numerous occasions. During the last excavation, carried out by the National Institute of Anthropology and History from 1976 to 1980, they performed a Pre-Hispanic societal study covering approximately from 1400 BC to 800 AD.

Pre-Hispanic events and sequence place human existence in these valleys from approximately 1400 BC in the lower Pre-Classic Cross Phase, period known also as "horizonte rojo sobre bayo" because of ceramic decorated with red over reddish-brown ceramic. Common implements were pestle and grindstones for corn, bone needles, blades, and flint scrapers.

The most important phase is Yucuita as an urban centre from 500 BC-300 AD. Occupation extended from the southernmost point of the hill to the northern slope. It was a small city with residences of various sizes and great civic/ceremonial buildings, and numerous satellite communities.

There are two outstanding buildings: a residential complex, which is believed to have been inhabited by a leader's family due to its size and location. It is located on the hilltop on the northern side of the road. Its main structure is a rectangular platform measuring approximately 35110 feet by 100 feet. It was built over a gradient, and above it is a residence with rooms on three sides of a stucco courtyard. The other complex is for civic and ceremonial buildings. It is located at the edge of the road. The platform, which includes a wall measuring 230 feet, fourteen feet high and at right angles to another wall 170 feet in length. On the northern side of the first wall is a narrow stairway leading to the top of the platform. To the side of the latter is a narrow tunnel approximately 200 feet in length, which served as drainage and passageway. To the south of the platform are remains of three stairways leading to a lower courtyard with a building on the platform. The latter with vertical stone walls without stairways.

• San Juan Yucuita: Is located 53 miles (86 kilometres) Northwest of the City of Oaxaca via highway 131-D to Mexico City. When you reach Nochixtlán, take the highway 190 detour to Huajuapan de León. Approximate travel time: [1:15]