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The archaeological resources that the State of Oaxaca has are so plentiful that, to date, the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) has discovered 4,000 different archaeological sites. Sites of such overwhelming beauty have helped paved the way for the origins of Mexican culture, and remain open for visitors to enjoy. Monte Albán and Mitla are two sites that have become famous all around the world, attracting a high number of foreign visitors. Other sites worth mentioning are: Yagul, Lambiteco and Dainzú.

The origins of the Mixtec and Zapotec cultures can be traced to the Monte Albán and Mitla archaeological sites, helping to pave the way for Oaxacan culture. Most of the symbols and trails found here are almost indecipherable, including the architectural style of the structures themselves.

Sites were designed to meet the standards of a much more demanding lifestyle than what we know today. It has always been amazing how locations for development of human life and culture were so wisely chosen. These archaeological sites are definitely 'magical', for the beauty they offer can reach for your heart once you arrive. Video or photographic images could never describe this feeling. You have to experience each the sights, sounds, atmosphere and the thrill of going back in time in person.