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Santa María de la Asunción Church
Children next to the tree
Tule Tree figures
Tule Tree

El Tule Tree

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The legendary Tule tree is located in the atrium of the Santa Maria de la Asuncion temple. Botanists have classified it as Taxodium mucionatum and believe it to be over 2,000 years old. It measures 135 feet in height, its perimeter is 139 feet (40 metres) in circumference and it is considered the biggest and oldest in the world. It has a volume of 24,893 cubic feet (705 cubic metres) and weighs approximately 1,119,844 pounds (509,020 kilogrames). The trunk and branches of this tree take different and capricious forms known popularly as "The Elephant", "The Lion", "The Three Wise Men" "The Deer", "The Coconut", and "The Fish", among others. This enormous Ahuehuete adorns the central area of the community.

We must keep in mind that Tule comes from "tullin", which is an aquatic plant that grows in swamplands such as this used to be. To get an idea of its size suffices to say that over 500 people can stand under its shade, and that 30 persons joining hands can barely reach around it. The treetop resembles a great green cupola; the protuberances formed on its trunk resemble animals, fruits and, personalities, or figures.

The Tule tree festival is celebrated on the second Monday in October.

• Santa María el Tule: Is located 8 miles (13 kilometres) East of the City of Oaxaca via highway 190 to the Isthmus. Approximate travel time: [0:20]