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Benito Juárez National Park

National Park "Benito Juárez"

It is situated north of the City of Oaxaca. It includes the following municipalities: San Felipe del Agua and Donaji, Oaxaca, and San Andres Huayapan of the central district. It was appointed a National Park in 1937 during the presidency of General Lazaro Cardenas del Rio. It comprises 2,737 hectares, including the "Cerro de San Felipe" (San Felipe Mountain), which is part of the Eastern Sierra formed by metamorphic rocks (rocks formed at high temperatures and pressure). The peak reaches 10,210 feet (3111 metres) above sea level. The surface is made of rock, limited by the mother rock. Its colour is clear and has regular organic content. Due to its great diversity of vegetal and animal species, it constitutes, along with its sinuous topography, the most attractive of natural attractions.

During colonial times, the river contributed to the water supply of the City of Oaxaca through an aqueduct built during the first half of the eighteenth century. Currently, the same river supplies water to the city, but now by means of a pipe system.

It is located only 3.1 miles (5 kilometres) north of the City of Oaxaca, and can be reached in approximately 15 minutes. Relative to San Felipe del Agua, it is due north, very near the community.